My Room – Bali

This is what –by my standard– a hangout place should be like. Tempted by the idea of spending a nite out, we went to this new club “My Room”. Situated 100 meters away from the Bali Bomb monument, My Room’s red sophisticated light perks entices people to check what is inside.

My Room is a four-stories building where the first floor is a tiny reception area, with wooden stairs leading toward the area of entertainment. Wooden benches and long tables on the left side, wide pillow mattresses on wooden floor adorned by long dangling sheer white curtain n gold ribbon on the right side of the room promises comfortable ‘n warm ambience on the second floor. Hospitable waitress greeted us with a smile, showing us our dining area. It was a perfect spot, on the corner where we could sit on the cushion and felt Kuta breeze from up above. Great decoration taste. Third floor is the lounge and fourth floor is the rooftop bar.

Time to eat fellas. After getting confused of what to order (because everything looks mouth-watering), we came up with:
Chicken pargimana, boneless breaded breast covered by tomato pasta n mozzarella cheese. So tender you can cut it by fork. Comes with spaghetti cooked in herbs in huge portion. 45k only. It is really to die for :d
Beef burger. Spending only 35k for melt-in-the-mouth bun with very tender and thick patty cooked in perfect seasoning. It’s so yummy. Must try.
Beef pepper steak. Not too strong pepper, just right, but that’s what makes it superb. Comes w/ rice. 35k.
Garlic bread with smooth garlic cream. Finger-licking damn good hehehe… The best garlic bread I’ve had.
Coffee cocktail topped with whipped cream n cherry. Hhhhmmmm……. Delicious!
Canai bread. Nothing special.
Fried rice, comes with shrimp, two satay, a round n cute sunny-side up. 35k. Worth the price, keeps your tummy happy.

You know what made me felt appreciated? When waiting for the food to come, the owner came to our table inviting us to go upstairs after dinner. The light was dim I only thought, “Hey, this young man seems like the owner. He looks so young and humble, yet so professional”. Then I thought again, “He’s cute too”. Only then I realized who he was. Yes, the owner of the place. The cute guy. Baim Wong :d He earned more credits when he did not hesitate sitting with me, at 1 AM, chatting lively when my friends all went to dance ;)) Later I heard this place is jointly owned by Baim n Rafi Ahmad. No wonder…

Show time. Music is blaring from third n fourth floor. Crowds were coming. 90% were ABG bules :d The music was very nice. Too bad my tummy was not agreeing with my intention to go mad. Gas kept crawling spinning what I had swallowed 😦 Well, at least I really enjoyed listening to the music and watching people coming ang going.

If you happen to be in Bali, make sure to stop by. Just park your car or motorbike at Legian Parkir. It’s worthy the hassle.


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