Sate Ayam Tikungan Sabang

The corner between Jakarta Theater and Jalan Sabang, across from Sarinah Thamrin

I never know what this place is called. It’s too famous people don’t need to associate it with a name.

I have two foods I call ‘desperate menu’, meaning when I really don’t know what I want to eat these two would be the answer; Sate Ayam and Nasi Goreng. Being more aware of health issues (not, eeeekkkkkk :d) I try to scrap away Nasi Goreng or Fried Rice from the list. Once in a month or two months might be acceptable, but not more than that. So, I only have one option left; Sate Ayam.

Tonight I felt the hunger, yet did not have any idea what would be good to entertain my stomach. My itchy throat seems to encourage me that no food would taste good. A friend, who was as hungry as I was, had a so-not brilliant idea to have sate ayam.

As healthy as this lady is, – mind you she’s a fitness trainer – she prefers this particular sate hawker. The reason? The taste is okay, edible, and the most important thing is: no skin. I had eaten here many times before I knew her, never I realized that the chicken had always been skinless :d Yup, no skin means we’re only eating the protein. Plus, it’s not fried. The peanut sauce? Eat it if you want, but don’t lick the plate if you know what I mean :d

This place serves sate ayam, sate kambing, soto madura, sop kaki sapi (and kambing, perhaps. can’t remember). Both chicken and lamb meat is grilled to perfection. No charcoal left on the it, really soft but juicy, and good portion size. One plate of sate ayam plus lontong (steam rice wrapped in banana leaves) costs 15k, 5 sate kambing is another 15k, soto madura with rice is 17k, and those fruit juices – gosh, so yummy and fruity – only costs 7k.

Yup, you should go there and try. This weekend perhaps?


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