A Treasure Worth Seeking

Restoran Bu Endang, Jl. Wijaya 1, South Jakarta

I was born as a Jakarta girl, amidst the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan city. Because of this, having Javanese parents does not make me a ‘real’ Javanese. When people ask where I am from, I will say “I’m from Jakarta. But my parents are Javanese”.  However, thanks to my super mom, I am really familiar with Javanese food. Many people will say that their moms cook well. Nothing beats home-made food, I believe 🙂 But, I have the privilege to say that my mom’s cooking is well known not only to her children but also to many people, which makes me regret why she always says no whenever I or other people suggest her to start a small restaurant.

Now, about this restaurant. It’s located on Jalan Wijaya 1, where there are arrays of restaurants and cafes and cake shops. A small white house on your right side if you drive from Tendean, with a white sign board showing a picture of a woman wearing Javanese kebaya and konde. Once you step into the house, you will feel the friendly atmosphere. When the owners are around, they will welcome you themselves. They are not just owners, you know. These are people who know what they’re doing, who have passion on preserving traditional food in a traditional way but apply modern approach. They will not hesitate coming to each table greeting the customers, asking if we need anything or have any suggestions. They will recognize regulars and remember where they live or work. Very amiable 🙂

The reason why I love this small place is because of the food, and the original taste. Mangut ikan pari asap, bistik (Javanese version of beef steak), galantin (rolled minced beef), tahu gimbal (fried tofu and shrimp), botok, and many others always put me in confusion. Which one do I have to order when I want them all? The last time I came here, I chose Galantin. Rolled minced beef served with sweet sauce and sauteed veggie. The first bite brought me to the sky. Veeerrryyyyy delicious. Gosh, the soft minced beef and the combination of sweet sauce and carrots is beyond thoughts hehehe…

The picture might not represent the taste, as it was taken from my Blackberry only :d

My friend ordered the bistik that evening. She literally scrapped all the sauce off her plate. She said, “You know, I seldom eat like this. I mean like scrapping all the sauce. But this one, geez, I won’t let a drop left on my plate. It’s so good”.

One more thing, the price is friendly. The galantin and bistik only costs 30k each. My friend brought home two gadon daging, one bistik and I brought home another galantin, with two kerupuk and three iced tea, it only cost us 200k. I will always come back here when I miss Javanese home-made food.


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