Martha Cake Shop

Location: Jalan Jambu No. 33, Central Jakarta

This tiny cake shop is located in a high-class housing area in Menteng. I got lost when trying to find the place so I decided to ask some people sitting around a small “warung rokok”. I only asked, “Where is the famous cake shop on this street?” One of them simply said, “Martha, right? Just go straight, it will be on your right side. Number 33”. I drove again then spotted the house. Wait, where is the entrance?? Well, I saw it really late. One small gate that only fits one person at a time didn’t catch my attention at first. I decided to drive around once again, and this time parked really close to the gate.

The reason why I really wanted to go there was because I heard this is the place where Cendana clan goes to to get some old-style cakes. I also heard that the late Soeharto was really fond of the nougat mocha cake. Don’t you think it’s worth to try?

When I arrived the store was a bit dark. Later I found that it closed at 6. I arrived 5 past 6 :d Nevertheless, the store attendant welcomed me. Maybe because it was late, there were only some cookies, pia and cakes left. Then I thought, so long as I get the nougat cake, I wouldn’t bother. I picked two cheese pia, two yam pia, and one nougat cake.

The yam pia turns out to be okay, nothing special though, the cheese one is better. And the nougat cake? Hhmmm… it feels “old receipe” 🙂 I was not jumping from my chair but there was this unique old taste, which I am sure is what keeps old-time customers to revisit. Pia is only 3 thousand each, and the nougat is 15 each. At least my curiosity is not killing me now 🙂


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