Chewy Puff

I have this friend living on the other side of Jakarta from where I live. We lost contact for years. The last time she sent me a text message was when she gave birth to a baby girl. She’s 4 now. Or 5? Then we met again virtually, on Yahoo Messenger and then Facebook. From then on we say hi regularly. It happens we share some common interests. Games and food :d

The one problem we’re having is we live “far” from each other that makes it hard to taste the foods that we recommend to each other. We can only ‘encourage’ (blah :p) each other to try this and that, which is only available in the area where we live wkwkwkw… Surprisingly, it seems we shop for similar kinds of food. It’s so funny when one morning she suddenly imagined that we were neighbors and I was entering her kitchen searching for food, in my pajamas, because I was too busy working and did not have time to buy groceries just because we realized we both keep stock of Yummy Cheese Spread :))

One day she recommended this food. I don’t know what to call it. Snack? I imagined that it was kinda puff. But it’s not. It’s a dough, filled with different toppings – I had blueberry cheese, mad chocolate and something else – just like puff. But it’s chewy. And the outlet calls itself Chewy Junior. Mind you, I am not too interested with junk food anymore but because this friend of mine recommends it then I thought I gotta give it a try. When I had the chance last night, I called her and asked where the outlet is, then found out I was sitting across from it :d

They do not sell by piece. Customers have to buy at least 3 pieces. They offered to buy 9 with an opportunity of getting an angpao envelope, though. Well, I only wanted to try so 3 would be enough. 3 pieces cost me 22k Rups only.

What can I say about it? It’s okay to my taste. I’m not jumping from my chair. Will think twice or three times before buying it again šŸ™‚


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