Location: Kebon Sirih Timur, Central Jakarta

I just realized that I really like Balinese food. Every time I see or hear about a new Balinese restaurant, I will surely make an effort to try their meals. When I heard about this one particular restaurant, the same thing came to my mind. “I have to try”, and it’s not too far from the places where I usually run my errands.

So on a hot afternoon, I went there with a friend. The first impression I got was, “The owner must have spent a lot of money to acquire this huge property”. The parking lot could accommodate 100 cars, I guess, so no worries for customers who might be thinking of having a small event here.

A small pura welcomes us. Two larger buildings on our right and left side are open to customers. If you take pictures here and tell people you are in Bali in those pictures, they will buy it 🙂

Food.. Yes, food. They do not have many selections, unfortunately. I can’t remember all the names, but they are all Balinese food. We opted for the Seafood Set.

That thing only costs 85K! The taste is like all the grills we can find in Jimbaran, Bali. And the coconut with lime we had for drinks was good too. Well, I guess that’s why I like Balinese food. To compensate my being unable to hop in a plane to Bali anytime I want :d


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